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Russell & Associates are dedicated to analyzing and evaluating the delivery of standards of health care and the related outcomes to support and assist the plaintiff or defense in medically-related litigation and/or legal matters. 

Russell & Associates will provide comprehensive reports, supportive  and researched evidence for national and international standards of care, identification of deviations of clinical standards and full assistance in the development of a case, from discovery to testimony.

Russell & Associates are dedicated to educating and elevating professional expertise and enhancing delivery of care to patients and families.  We are committed to upholding and, through continued research, promoting evidence-based practice guidelines for all healthcare professionals in all levels of care.  Additionally, integrating technology fosters continuity of care and will move us forward and upward in healthcare.

Education is mandatory.  Russell & Associates can provide the education you need, the clinical expertise to ensure regulatory compliance, reimbursement, improved clinical care and how to avoid litigation against a facility or healthcare professional.